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The Benefits of an Early Morning Walk

With people being busier than ever and Covid-19 making us spend more time at home, there is no better time than now to get out and go for an early morning walk to start your day off right.

I mean why wouldn’t you want to? There are so many amazing benefits:

  • Your body reacts in a positive way and helps balance your cortisone levels and provide an increased alertness to start your day.
  • You gain overall energy because during your exercise session, your nutrients and oxygen travel around to your heart and lungs, this will increase your cardiovascular system, endurance and stamina.

Morning exercise can help put you in a better mood by decreasing stress and increasing your endorphins. Also, regular morning exercise helps to improve your overall sleep that night to, meaning you go into deeper sleep cycles and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Now, depending on your wake-up time, you may be exercising in the dark, but we have some great products to assist you in lighting up the path in front of you:


Ledlenser’s P7 Torch is a great, easy to navigate tool that you can use during your early morning or late night walk. With 3 adjustable power settings and the lens being redesigned and equipped with the latest LED technology it will be sure to accommodate your personal needs. Now there will be no excuses to not wanting to go on or enjoy your morning walks!

RRP: CA$53.95


LEDLENSER - MH3 Headlamp

The MH3 Headlamp by Ledlenser is a game changer and would be a perfect new addition to a morning exercise. The innovative mounting system makes it easy to use and the clip on the lamp head makes securing it to your shirt or belt simple.  Not only is it versatile, the Advanced Focus System allows for quick and easy beam adjustment so you can be sure to have light when you need it. It has adjustable strength features, to a accommodate your personal needs and would therefore you would experience no issues on your new routinely morning walks!

RRP: CA$40.95


To find out more information, and other amazing products, visit: www.ledlenser.ca

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